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2014 Mars Rover Celebration

January 31, 2015, Primary Schools: 9:00 am-2:00 pm, Middle Schools: 1:00-6:00 pm,
Conrad Hilton Ballroom, University Hilton

Mars Rover Celebration Curriculum

This page contains links to the General Files and the detailed Lesson Plans for the Mars Rover Model Celebration

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General Files

Achievement Patches Formative Assessment
Student Glossary Teacher Glossary
Mars Rover Lesson Plan Topic List  Google Earth/Mars Downloading Instructions
NASA Science Mission Directorate Supplementary Materials G3-5 NASA Science Mission Directorate Supplementary Materials G6-8
Teacher Training (short version) Teacher Training (long version)
Lesson 15 Skit Video



Lesson Plans
Grade 3-5 Grade 6-8
Pacing Guide G3-5 Pacing Guide G6-8
Essential Questions G3-5 Essential Questions G6-8
Science Notebooks G3-5 Science Notebooks G6-8
Student Presentaton Booklet G3-5 Student Presentation Form G6-8, also available as an MSWord document
Lesson 1 G3-5 Lesson 1 G6-8
Lesson 2 G3-5 Lesson 2 G6-8
Lesson 3 G3-5 Lesson 3 G6-8
Lesson 4 G3-5 Lesson 4 G6-8
Lesson 5 G3-5 Lesson 5 G6-8
Lesson 6 G3-5 Lesson 6 G6-8
Lesson 7 G3-5 Lesson 7 G6-8
Lesson 8 G3-5 Lesson 8 G6-8
Lesson 9 G3-5 Lesson 9 G6-8
Lesson 10 G3-5 Lesson 10 G6-8
Lesson 11 G3-5 Lesson 11 G6-8
Lesson 12 G3-5 Lesson 12 G6-8
Lesson 13 G3-5 Lesson 13 G6-8
Lesson 14 G3-5 Lesson 14 G6-8
Lesson 15 G3-5 Lesson 15 G6-8

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2014 Mars Rover Celebration